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The Big Pink: A Brief History of Love

by on August 29, 2010


Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell are confident. And as the two members of electro-rock group the Big Pink, they certainly have a right to be. In the year since the release of their debut album, A Brief History of Love, they have played at both Coachella and Lollapalooza and are currently opening for Muse on their latest tour. They have released five singles (yes, five…) and have had multiple songs remixed by other artists. With no rumors of a sophomore album as of yet, the Big Pink are just riding on their fame that has planted itself in the minds of indie rock fans everywhere.

As pleased with themselves as they are, however, their music screams immaturity. Despite each member running their own record label, they haven’t had enough time as musicians to form well-structured songs that will truly catch the general public’s attention. Many of their songs have either catchy riffs, choruses or verses, but lack in the other areas. For example, the biggest single off of A Brief of History, “Dominos”, has a chorus that will never get out of your mind, no matter how hard you try, but the verses are lacking. They almost seem to be thrown in because the band was at a loss for what to do after coming up with a great chorus.

The songs, however, are still a ton of fun to listen to, jam out to, or whatever else one can do with hard-rocking, electro-pulsating songs. “Crystal Visions”, with its crystal guitar and slight harmonies is a perfect example of the bands style, while “Golden Pendulum” takes a little different approach, focusing on the beat rather than the melody. “At War With the Sun” is an anthem in its own right, taking a guitar hook and morphing it into an emotional cry for a lost love to come back.

Whatever the songs may lack on record, however, the Big Pink makes up for live. With Cordell messing around with effects pedals attached to a keyboard and Furze rocking out on his distorted guitar, these guys know how to adapt their music for a live audience. Despite jamming for an extra five minutes on a song, they can still keep an audience dancing and moving to the beat.

So yes, while these guys are confident (just look at the album title), they have found their little niche in producing catchy electro-rock anthems. The next step is to just refine their style. If they focus slightly more on the overall song rather than one hook, they may just have a masterpiece on their hands.


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