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Jack White Invents the “Triple Decker Record”

by on September 14, 2010

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Jack White’s record company, Third Man Records, has done some interesting things with their singles. Just some of these include 13″ LPs, glow in the dark 45s, under-label grooves and peach scented EPs. Despite all of this craziness, Jack White has thought of a new type of vinyl for the Dead Weather’s single, “Blue Blood Blues”: the Triple Decker.

What exactly is the Triple Decker? Well, according to the Third Man Records Website, it is a record inside of a record. How it works is actually quite simple, the 12″ record is the single “Blue Man Blues”. However, if you crack open the 12″ there is a 7″ hidden inside, which contains an unreleased single. Check out this demonstration video.

While there will only be 300 copies of this Triple Decker Record, 100 of them will be sold at the Third Man Records store in Nashville. The rest of the copies will be sold through random mail orders and record stores around the country.

If it just so happens that you can’t get your hands on one of these bad-boys, you can always pick up 7″ and tri-color 45 from the Third Man Records webstore right now. The 12″ and Triple Decker versions will be available starting September 17. An alternate 7″ version is also available which comes with a double-sided cover and a b-side titled “Jawbreaker” (live). The 12″ version comes with a b-side that contains “No Hassle Night”/”I Just Want to Make Love to You” (live).


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