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Weezer Fans: “Blinkerton” is Coming

by on September 15, 2010

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If there are two albums that Weezer fans have to know, it’s 1994’s Weezer (the Blue Album), and 1996’s Pinkerton. Both are regarded as staple albums of the 1990’s and were, for the most part, very well received by critics and fans alike. Now, more than ten years later, rumor has it that Weezer is going on tour playing only these two albums.

Dubbed the “Blinkerton” tour by fans, Weezer will play two nights in each city. One night will be the Blue Album, and the next will be Pinkerton. This is actually pretty interesting considering that the albums are 35 minutes and 41 minutes in length respectively. They may have to change the format around a little bit, but the concept sounds fantastic.

Why exactly would they do this now, when they just released an album, titled Hurley, and have a fantastic single, “Memories”? Well, first, a deluxe reissue of Pinkerton is set for release of November 2. Next, and this is my opinion, Weezer wants to restore hope in their fans after the disaster that was to be their past three albums (Pitchfork gave Make Believe a 0.4/10). And while Hurley has generally been well-received, Weezer fans need to know that their favorite alt-rockers can still play their old tunes.

If this tour happens, which it’s almost certain to, it will definitely be a great show. They are fantastic performers, and to see these 40-something year-olds jamming on “Buddy Holly” will be a great sight to see.

UPDATE: the “Memories” tour has been announced. It will be two nights in each city, as described, but the band will also be playing their hits (so you may just have to hear “Beverly Hills”). They have announced a few dates here.


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