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Radiohead Deciding How to Release New Album

by on September 17, 2010

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In 2007, the digital release of Radiohead’s seventh studio album, In Rainbows, was a huge phenomenon. Nothing like it had been done before. Instead of the music being bought online or downloaded illegally, Radiohead decided to let fans choose a price for the new album. No matter if the person paid $0 or $100, they could still download and enjoy the fantastic album. In a recent essay written by bassist Colin Greenwood for Index on Censorship, he states that Radiohead has “just finished another group of songs, and have begun to wonder about how to release them…”

The reason why Radiohead could even release In Rainbows in such an obscure way was because the band had just left EMI Records. They had total control of their music, and could do whatever they wanted with it, and with that freedom came the famous release of the album. Greenwood, commenting on the state of music today, says that “It seems to have become harder to own music in the traditional way…like a CD.” Could this possibly be hinting at the fact that their new album will be released exclusively online? It very well could be, because Greenwood continues the essay by making more comments about how the internet is slowly becoming a fantastic tool for music-lovers.

No matter how the band releases their new album, it will definitely be something to look forward to. It will certainly be interesting to see what direction the band takes following the masterpiece of In Rainbows.

You can check out the essay here.


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