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Dan Deacon w/ Lightning Bolt @ Logan Square

by on October 17, 2010



Circle for "Of the Mountains"



For about a month and a half Flow and I were searching for these tickets, along with about a couple hundred people I might add. Every time one of us went on the internet the first thing we would do was search as many sites as we could, search any and all sources we had, just to find some tickets. But it wasn’t even that, at first it was just a struggle to find where the concert was playing, on what date, and what venue, and so on and so forth.

Deacon was evasive to say the least…& it was quite stressful. Flow had his reasons for wanting to see Deacon, it would be his first show to see this amazing man in action, and myself? Well at the time I had seen Deacon twice, my first at Lollapalooza 2009, and the the second at a private venue in Logan square. I was hooked on Deacon, he was my freakin’ idol, providing me with a whole different kind of concert experience. The second concert of his still gives me shivers.

Thankfully, after gradually posting the date for the concert, and, eventually, the concert venue, the tickets went on sale.  Coincidentally, I happened to be in a Matt &Kim concert the moment the tickets went on sale, thankfully Flow was ontop of it, he bought us two tickets and our fears of not being able to go were assuaged.

The concert itself was good, not great. Partly because Deacon had an hour and a half set, but it felt much shorter, partly because the mood was a little less than optimistic at the time. All-in-all though Deacon threw a great party, he was actually not the last musician to go, Lightning Bolt went after his set so he was pressed for time.

At a Deacon concert a few things are always the same. 1. Every time you go you will be dancing your ass off to his amazing beats, if you’re not a square. 2. Deacon will send his friend John into the middle of the crowd, he will then get everyone to go into a circle, and slowly he will play “Of the Mountains”. The crowd will then mirror John’s interpretive dance to the music, until the ever-rising crescendo of the music hits its peak and the crowd goes wild! (This only works half the time, according to crowd behavior. This specific time it went ok, our friend happened to run up to John and got to do the instructional dance with him! It was grand). 3. If you are in the crowd, prepare to be pushed around a lot, get very sweaty (not your sweat), and prepare to face your head up to the sky if you want to breath! Good times.



  1. Sean permalink

    It’s Jeff. tsk tsk

  2. Sonic permalink

    Don’t give that. John Jeff…ok not too close…thanks

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